The Refectory is located in the main Wilkins Building on the lower level.
The offer includes hot and grab-and-go meals specifically tailored to your needs.

Inside the Refectory you will find a cafe with a wide selection or vegan and gluten free snacks.

Hot Food

Italian style pizzas are available in Dough & Go on Malet Place (next to the Science Library) for less than £4! If you are rushing in between lectures, you don't need to be worried about the queues with our new kiosk ordering system.

Fancy a delicious hot lunch for less than £5? Visit our refectories in School of Pharmacy or Institute of Child Health. Our wide range of offers will help you select your perfect lunch.

Coffee on campus


You can find our rich tripled certified Aspretto coffee almost everywhere on the campus! The Refectory Café in the Refectory on Lower Ground in Wilkins Building, Engineering Café, Cruciform Café, Science Library Café, Central House Café, Wolfson Café and you can grab a hot drink with confectionary in the School of Pharmacy and Institute of Child Health refectories.

Redemption Roasters

We have partnered with a local business, Redemption Roasters. They train and support young offenders in barista skills and how to roast their exceptional coffee in prisons.  

Coffee from Redemption Roasters not only makes delicious coffee, but it does great things.  Their Social Impact report, states: ‘We are a London-based social enterprise who believe that we can reduce reo­ffending in the UK through h specialty co­ffee.’

With multiple training centres in UK prisons, Redemption Roasters give young offenders the chance to upskill for a new life after prison. ‘We already know that prisoners are 50% more likely to reoffend if they leave prison without skills and a job. And we know that in specialty coffee people need exceptional skills’ – claim Redemption Roasters.

INC Coffee

Fancy a premium coffee? You need to try our INC coffee from 22 Gordon Street! The coffee shop is based inside the Bartlett School of Architecture.

0207 679 5751; Ext. 45751