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The Refectory is one of the biggest and most modern catering facility at UCL. 

Offering a comprehensive food service and open for breakfast, lunch as well as evening service. The Refectory has over 324 seats, screens displaying theme days and meal deals.

Alongside the purpose built facility, there is a Refectory Cafe which offers Fairtrade Aspretto coffee, Redemption Roasters coffee, sandwiches, pastries, a wide selection of healthy protein, vegan and gluten free snacks. From the new term, you will also be able to enjoy Costa coffee in the Refectory. Curious of the food offer in the Refectory? Check out what you will find on each counter during lunch service:

Our Yardbird offer has undergone a makeover!

We have new delicious additions to the menu which you'll love!

It's still all about chicken, freshly baked; grilled or fried but we also have some vegan treats! Don't miss out!

At our Vegan counter you will find delicious premium vegan meals including street food style meatless burgers, pulled jackfruit or oumph wraps as well as vegan lasagne and pasta bakes.

MED DELI is your healthy choice for lunch. A range of self-help big bowls of salads, using fresh crisp vegetables, leaves, seeds, pulses and dressings.

SUPP offer was designed by students. You can choose your soup and its size and personalise it with a range of fillings, toppings and oils. All SUPP’s are served with chunks of bread.

Originals is the offer with great classic dishes to remind you of home style cooking; all freshly made and prepared right here at UCL.

SPICE encompasses all spicy dishes, delivering a range of changing meals like Chinese noodles or Korean rice dishes.

Live is a range of freshly prepared dishes made in front of you and just the way you like it.