We are green.
We are responsible.
The Finer Diner
In October in collaboration with WWF we hosted the ‘Finer Diner’ pop-up. Students were able to try 100% plant-based street food dishes.The aim of this pop-up was to encourage students to eat more plant-based food for health and environmental benefits.
Wonky Veg in our Food
To reduce food waste we use seasonal wonky veg in the dishes cooked by our Chefs.
UCL Sustainability Week
As part of our celebration of this year’s UCL Sustainability Week, we ran a pop – up with a free giveaway of vegan Oumph Thai Green Curry to encourage customers to replace meat with vegan options. Additionally, we showcased the new hospitality reusable catering equipment for delivered hospitality which we will launch in January 2020 to eliminate single-use plastics and disposables. We also invited our friends from Suez to run an educational workshop on correct recycling procedures.
Vegan-Friendly UCL
UCL made it onto the list of the most vegan-friendly universities in the UK by PETA.
It's been almost a year since we've been part of the UCL's Ditch the Disposable campaign aiming at minimising paper cup and plastic waste. Join the movement by bringing your reusable mug to our coffee shops. Not only you will help the environment but also you will save 15p of the cup charge!
Too Good To Go
We say NO to food waste and our partners from 'Too Good To Go' are here to help us with this issue. So far, thanks to the app, we have saved over 1500 meals from going to waste!
Coffee cups recycling
You will now find in the Refectory new bins for coffee cups. These are designed to help us improve the recycling rate at UCL.
UCL Green Impact Awards
For the 5th year in a row, we took part in the UCL Green Impact programme. Starting with two Bronze awards in 2015, we won four Gold's and four Excellence awards between 2016 and 2019.
Food for Life
Our refectories are awarded Silver and Bronze Food for Life accreditation.
MSC certified fish
Our fish is MSC certified. This means we support sustainable fishing practices; endangered species are protected and recovered; the impact on marine habitats is minimized and fisheries are well managed.
Chef's jackets
Our Chefs' jackets are made from recycled plastic bottles and waste polyester fibre. They are smart and comfortable as well as having many environmental benefits!
Our meat
Our meat is Red Tractor certified. Red Tractor is the largest food scheme in the UK, which covers all aspects of the food's lifespan. The Red Tractor logo indicates that food is safe to eat, and has been produced responsibly - from farm to fork.
Our eggs
We use free range eggs while preparing a meal for you.
32% of our products sold are Fairtrade.
We actively support Sodexo's STOP HUNGER charity.
Small Medium Enterprise's
We cooperate with Small Medium Enterprise's.
Eco-Takeout Scheme
Our customers can join our Eco-Takeout scheme with reusable take-out boxes instead of disposable ones to save the environment.
Our coffee is recycled and turned into energy!
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Food for Life

Our refectories are awarded Silver and Bronze Food for Life accreditation.