Quick & Easy

If a steak, why not a cauliflower one?

This hearty and satisfying plant-based meal is a great alternative to traditional beef steaks. You can add any side you want. We thought mash potatoes and a chickpea salad could make a great addition to this yummy dish. 

Light as a feather...

Mediterranean mezze bowl in our interpretation is a combination of a cous cous salad, Greek salad and falafels which makes it a light dinner option. It's simply a taste of summer in a bowl!   

Need a quick and easy idea for dinner?

Thai chicken, squash and coconut soup recipe is easy to prepare and great for days when you're tight for time. It can be treated both as a chunky soup or a curry.  


Be the Gordon Ramsay of your hall of residence and impress your friends with your culinary skills. This vegan cauliflower, lentil and sweet potato curry recipe is quick, easy and it tastes amazing!


Check out this simple vegan recipe for hummus, broccoli & mushroom pasta! No need for fancy appliances or unusual ingredients, it takes no time and it tastes absolutely delicious! Enjoy!